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Joining HEFFAC ↑ top

Any Dutch or Belgian organisation or professional that works on interpreting and teaching the Historical European Fighting and Fencing Arts can join HEFFAC.

If you wish to join our coalition, please send us your profile, or the profile of your organisation. This profile should describe your relevant activities in the field of HEMA. Based on your profile, the current member groups will discuss your application, after which you will be contacted by us as soon as possible.

Benefits ↑ top

  • HEFFAC is part of a larger international network of organisations and professionals. Joining HEFFAC will let you benefit of this network, and will create international and national awareness of your organisation.
  • The members of HEFFAC cooperate on promoting the study of Historical European Martial Arts. As a member of HEFFAC, you can help direct of the future of Historical European Fighting and Fencing Arts in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Once per year, one HEFFAC member organises the HEFFAC Gathering, to which all members and their students are cordially invited.


Conditions for participation in HEFFAC: ↑ top

Any group can become a HEFFAC member if they are located within the Netherlands or Belgium and if they study and teach Historical European Martial Arts on a regular basis. Membership is independent of the legal form by which the group is organised.

• A HEFFAC member school is expected to participate in HEFFAC events and to take partial responsibility for organising affairs and collateral matters.

• Every HEFFAC member is expected to bring forth active representatives to physically attend HEFFAC meetings.

Individual practitioners:

Individual practitioners who research or practice Historical European Martial Arts on an individual basis, but do not teach these arts regularly, cannot currently join HEFFAC. However, HEFFAC can advise you about finding a group to join, or about setting up your own group.