The Coalition

I welcome you to the HEFFAC website.
The ‘Lowlands’ coalition for independent schools and organisations that research, practice and reconstruct Historical European Martial Arts.

The mutual goal of the HEFFAC member groups is to resurrect the historical European fighting and fencing skills, and to re-establish them as viable fighting systems in the contemporary world of martial arts.
If you want to join or have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.


Mishaël Lopes Cardozo
President AMEK

The four main purposes of HEFFAC are:

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• To serve as a front organisation representing the independent Dutch and Belgian Historical European Martial Arts schools and their activities on both national and international levels.

• To provide a collective platform where potential practitioners can locate HEMA schools of their interest, and where they can find information regarding the Dutch and Belgian schools.

• To maintain and continuously improve the quality and depth of knowledge of the Historical Martial Arts community in the Netherlands and Belgium.

• To motivate and encourage each other, through close working relations between the all HEFFAC members. This is for instance achieved through the organisation of events and competitions.

HEFFAC exists primarily to facilitate the above goals, in a friendly and relaxed environment.